Alex McKinnon Portrait by Sarah Key for Rise For Alex Charity

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Defiance by Sarah Key

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Alex McKinnon portrait submitted to Archibald Prize

To many Alex represents what is best about being a strong Australian role model, and reflects what can be achieved with strength, determination. All characters that are synonymous with the unique Australian spirit. This is also why the artwork is entitled “Defiance” as it resonates with Alex’s strength of character and heart, in which he constantly defies the negativity of his prognosis with his hard work and determination and will to walk again, and walk his fiancé Tegan down the aisle on their wedding day. It also reflects his personal character and his vision to defy any limitations physical or psychological placed on him, to instead carve his own future, his own vision, with his own rules and ownership.

Alex’ remarkable strength to defy all odds and seek out endless possibilities and opportunities to improve and better himself has always been at the core of who he is throughout his life and his professional career, and journey. It is also what makes him such a remarkable and special individual who has led, guided and inspired many throughout his life and continues to do so to this day.

It is a career pinnacle to paint an individual who is so talented and has captured the Australian and international sports world not only with his remarkable sporting prowess, also in his inspiring story of determination, to recover and rebuild his life in difficult circumstances.

Sarah Key

Over the years Sarah Key has entered several prestigious art and portrait competitions most notably in 2015 becoming a Semi Finalist in The National Moran Portrait Prize With my portrait  “The Heart Of The Headline” of Derryn Hinch, in addition to entering it in the 2015 Archibald Portrait Prize.  In 2014 and 2013 I also had the privilege of entering my portraits of Comedian, Author, Actor and Radio personality Jean Kittson, and retired Rear Admiral Christopher Oxenbould in the Moran and Portia Geach memorial Portrait Prizes.

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