eBay for Charity: Using Item Specifics for Mobile Optimization

eBay recently made changes to make some item specifics compulsory, but how important are they really and how can they be used to your advantage? Item specifics gives buyers detailed information on your product, from size, colour, style and brand. Though these will vary depending on what you sell, they are hugely important to help your buyers find your items. Item specifics are picked up by eBay's search engine even if the information is not listed in your title, giving your products better visibility. Item specifics can also be used to filter search results, making them especially beneficial when your item is listed in a populated category.

In the digital age, studies have shown that over 70% of people use their mobile to shop online, and with eBay being one of the most popular shopping apps it is common sense to ensure you are giving your eBay store the best chance of success. With digital taking over, mobile functionality and optimisation should be a top priority. This is where item specifics become important as they are what people see first on the mobile version. Though aesthetic HTML templates draw people in on desktop, on mobile eBay has a preset design, meaning buyers have to choose to open into the item description separately. The item specifics are the first piece of information they are given, and as such should be prioritised. People want to know as much as possible about the item they are buying in a simple, easy to read format. Putting as much information as possible gives your item a better chance of not only being found by potential buyers, but also of selling. Giving accurate and detailed information on your product means your customers will be more informed, more likely to follow through with their purchase and more likely to give positive feedback which in turn only benefits you. 

eBay gives you a default list of values for each main item specific, these are the terms that are searchable, and are filter options when searching for a product. As with the desktop version of eBay, you can add your own item specifics - however where possible it is best to choose the ones provided as default through eBay, as these are the only ones which are searchable. 

Studies have proven time and time again the power of online shopping, if your buyers are online that’s where you need to be as well. What are you waiting for?

Miles Clemans