eBay for Charity : Changes to Item Specifics

With millions of products being sold on eBay each day it’s hard to know how to get yours to the top of the search. However, we have some handy tips and tricks straight from the horse's mouth to help you out. Using your item specifics is an easy and very effective way to make your items more visible and sell faster. Item specifics are descriptive terms that tell a buyer about your item which you enter when you create or amend a listing. They could include the brand, size, type, colour, style or many more and will vary depending on what you’re selling.

eBay is changing it’s policies to make some of these item specifics mandatory, it’s important to know so you can insure your products comply and have the best chance of selling. eBay’s research clearly shows the benefits of including item specifics in your listings. Over an 8 month test period they found:

  • Listings in the Dresses category that included the “Style” and “Dress length” Item specifics sold 81% better on average than those without.

  • Listings in the Dresses category that included the “Dress length” Item specific sold 76% better than those without.

Currently updates are being made to items in the fashion category, however home Electronics and Home & Garden will be following later this year. Below you will find the most recent updates, but get ahead of the game and start updating your item specifics now. eBay is a great tool for selling, so give yourself the best chance of success.

Mens Clothing

Shorts > Style, colour and material

Coats & Jackets > Style, colour and outer shell material

Trainers > Colours and upper material

T-Shirts > Colour

Hoodies & Sweatshirts > Style and colour

Casual Shirts & Tops > Style, colour, sleeve type and fit

Formal Shirts > Style, colour sleeve type and fit

Womens Clothing

Skirts > Style, colour, material and skirt length

Shorts > Style, colour and material

Coats, Jackets & Waistcoats > Style, colour and outer shell material

Boots > Style, heel height, colour and upper material

Sandals > Style, colour and upper material

Tops & Shirts > Style and material

Jumpers & Cardigans > Style, colour, material and neckline

For more information on how to use eBay to sell your items see our range of ecommerce services or contact us.

Miles Clemans