eBay for Charity : Volume Discounts

Recently eBay released a new feature called Volume Discounts which is available to to all store subscribers. This feature lets you offer discounts to buyers who purchase multiple items, and can be tiered according to 2, 3 or more items. For example, you can give 5% discount for two items, 10% for 3 items and 15% for four or more items. This would mean if someone bought two items for $10 each, they would only pay $9.50 per item. If they purchased 5 items, they would pay $8.50 per item. You can set the discount, and how it will be applied, excluding or including products of your choice.

So why should you embrace volume discounts on your store? This will encourage buyers to purchase multiple items from you, and ultimately spend more money. Based on a study of eBay in the US, sellers have experienced a 23% growth in sales. Not only do you sell more, but you can save on shipping by combining orders and make fulfilment more efficient by processing bulk orders.

This can be applied to any fix priced listing, except multivariate listings. So what are you waiting for? Get selling!

Miles Clemans