Your Own Design

You provide the design for the customised description area of the eBay listing page

You supply a design file (psd or pdf preferred) with the layout and elements you would like included in the description area of the eBay page (the section below the Item Specifics).

Description Dimensions: We recommend 800px wide. There is no issue with description length

Design file should include:

  • Background image
  • Text (or lorum ipsa)
  • Logo(s) of stakeholders and charity

We recommend the description area design should also include the following elements:

  • Title
  • Hero image – additional images can also be included
  • Specifications – can be bullet point
  • Paragraph about the campaign
  • Paragraph about the charity
  • Any inclusions or exclusions that should be highlighted
  • Terms of sale

Optional features you may supply for inclusion include:

  • video

Image sharing: We recommend Dropbox, or wetransfer for large images.

If you want to use non-standard fonts these need to be supplied to Bid For Good.

Our Design

Bid For Good creates draft eBay listing page

Bid For Good splices the customised listing description image into HTML coding to fit within the eBay listing page description iFrame. Bid For Good also optimises the draft listing page with relevant category and item specific information, and prepares a draft version and screenshot for your review.

Once approved by you the listing is scheduled on eBay and the auction will go live at the pre-agreed time.

The published eBay listing page with customised description area as it appears on eBay.



Once a bid is placed on a listing, it can no longer be amended.

A further custom description area (addendum) may be added below the existing description.