eBay File Management

If you are new to inventory templates, it is recommended you start with the Excel format files. These files have more information than the CSV format files. After you complete the files, you can then use the Save As command to save your files in the CSV format to upload them.

You can quickly upload and manage your inventory in eBay’s File Management Center. For complete instructions on using the File Management templates, review the Selling Manager Pro File Management User Guide.

To download and upload a File Management template:

1. Select a template from the File Management Center.

The template you select depends on the category in which you want to list your items.
  • Use the Catalog Listing template to list items with ISBN or UPC codes, such as: Books, Movies, Music, and Video Games. This template uses ISBN and UPC codes to automatically pre-fill item details.
  • Use the Template Generator to create a custom template for all other category listings.

2. Download the template.

Make sure to remember where you download the template to on your computer. It is recommended that you use the Save As command.

3. Open the template on your computer.

The Excel file has additional notes and information to help you fill in the template.

4. Fill in the template.

Make sure to complete the required fields in the template. Refer to the Selling Manager Pro File Management User Guide PDF if you have questions.

5. Save the template in the CSV (comma-separated values) or tab-delimited file format.

6. Upload the template to eBay.

Make sure to upload the .csv or tab-delimited file.

7. Review the upload status and results and fix any problems.

The upload status and results appears on the View Upload Results page. You may need to upload the file again..

Basic Template 
Use this template to create Selling Manager Pro listing templates in categories that do not include item specifics.
CSV format | Excel format