Authority to Fundraise

Special requirements for charity auctions

Charitable fundraising is closely regulated by government and is subject to various Australian laws.
Special requirements apply to charities and people selling on behalf of charities to comply with eBay policy guidelines and legal requirements.

If you are a registered charity you must include in each eBay listing:

    1. the charity’s tax-deductibility status
    2. the following statement
      [insert charity name] is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN [insert 11 digit ABN]*

If you are fundraising on behalf of a registered charity you must:

  1. obtain written consent from the registered charity – which includes:
    1.  The charity’s ABN
    2. Your name or eBay user ID
    3. The dates of event or listings
    4. The donation amount (percentage of final sale price)
    5. The signature of one of the organisation’s officers
  2. upload a readable image/scan of the written consent into each listing
  3. include the details of the charitable organisation in each listing
  4. include a statement about the percentage being donated to the charity.

See eBay’s Charity and Fundraising Policy for further detail

PayPal Australia has strict requirements for accounts that receive fundraising payments for charities and non-profits so it can complete due diligence for its regulators.


Include a Certificate of Authenticity when selling Signed/Autographed Items on eBay

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Guidelines for Signed Items