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eBay Auctions 


The eBay platform can be a powerful part of your fundraising mix and help you reach new supporters in a more cost-effective way.

Bid For Good Managed eBay Auctions

Bid For Good specialises in managing high profile online fundraising campaigns involving brands and celebrities that may require more careful planning, promotion and management.

Our standard listing page templates provide a professional layout suitable for most eBay categories. You are welcome to supply your own design files (and fonts) if you would prefer maximum customisation.

eBay Auction Briefing

What we need from you

See pages below for details:

Briefing instructions for the listing page  

Briefing instructions for eBay landing page/store for auctions of multiple items

Obtain fundraising approval letter

Cars Boats Bikes Travel and Tickets

Sales of cars, boats, tickets and travel need to include certain details to satisfy legal requirements and/or eBay policies

eBay Motors charity auctions

Travel & Tickets charity auctions


Before the auction starts

Scheduled listing

We schedule your listings so you can list items up to three weeks in advance to control the time they start. We will provide screenshots so you can review all aspects of the Scheduled listing.

Before the start time for a Scheduled listing is reached it is not active on eBay, and cannot be viewed by anyone other than the eBay Seller.

Once the start time for a Scheduled listing is reached, the listing becomes active on eBay

Note: To make your listing searchable at a specific time, you may want to schedule it a day in advance of when you want it to show up in a search. Although your listings will generally be searchable within 24 hours, for Trust & Safety reasons, there are times when this can take longer.


Once the auction starts

How bidding works

eBay Bidding overview

Revising a listing

Once an auction starts, eBay limits the types of revisions that may be made depending on the type of the listing, the time left before it ends, and whether any bids or sales have been received.

You can add photos at any time, but you can only change an item description or remove existing images if no bids have been placed, and there are more than 12 hours left on the auction